Building a website with full functionality was an interesting one and I enjoyed it. I did not struggle as much with this one as I did with the other projects though I was told it would be the hardest one.

For my project, I created Jokebook: social media for comedians. A place where people could post their favorite jokes and stand up bits and look at other people’s works as well. It didn’t have anything too fancy however. I was limited to my skills.

Perhaps the most challenging part of creating this project was the submittable attribute in the join table because I had to create a nested form and that was my weak point. In addition, I had to create a setter method to put my rating of the joke “my submittable attribute) into the join table.

This project was fun to do. I felt I had a better understanding than my first one because the idea of an MVC website felt more transparent than using APIs. It did get tricky at some points but it never felt impossible.

I wanted to create a website where users…

This was a challenging project that I felt mostly unprepared at the start. The idea of this project was to create a program that has some level of interaction and I started off ambitious.

My first idea was to create a program that accepts a zip code and returns the…

Technology has always been an impressive feat for mankind. We can do so much thanks to the internet and I’ve always wanted to be more involved with the freedom that comes along with knowing how to create with code. I was first introduced to coding in high school when I…

Leo Meza

Writer, coding student and most importantly, professional idiot

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