Starting Coding Bootcamp

Technology has always been an impressive feat for mankind. We can do so much thanks to the internet and I’ve always wanted to be more involved with the freedom that comes along with knowing how to create with code. I was first introduced to coding in high school when I took an engineering course. We learned to code instructions that made our machines move and I felt I had a knack for writing the language. Unfortunately, that unit was short and I did not get to learn more about it but I was exposed to a new interest.

I have attended college courses and I never really liked the material I was learning. None of it was something I could really show. To me, it felt like college is telling employers “Trust me, I did a bunch of stuff and I took a bunch of tests. Here’s a piece of paper that proves it.” I wanted to learn a skill that’s valuable. Thanks to the internet, I learned about bootcamps where I could essentially learn code: the language of computers. This is a skill I could put on my resume. Amidst the pandemic, I could also potentially find a job that has little to no need for physical presence as coding can be done anywhere so that’s a plus. Another plus is that it’s a skill in demand. So here’s an opportunity to rediscover an old interest and follow it through. I look forward to it!